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I am excited about being your marketing and branding partner, as well as your business consultant and coach.

I strive to provide dedicated service combined with strategic techniques to help progress growth, profit, and revenue.

We serve all entrepreneurs, but have a passion for women empowerment and entrepreneurship; therefore, you will find our service packages are named after powerful biblical women.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned business owner, our services help service and product-based Christian entrepreneurs grow their business!

Explore our service packages and if you are ready to advance the business you KNOW you are called to do, schedule a 1-1 complimentary session. 


Ruth and Naomi

RISE and Thrive System

Signature Service

This is our signature service and it is ideal for the business or entrepreneur who seeks mentoring and guidance, with an actionable plan to take their business to the next level, strategically and financially.

  • Six weeks of 1-1 business coaching and accountability
  • A built-to-scale system with automation and processes
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business audit (website, social media, financials, business plan)
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • 12-month Strategic Plan
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Setup (optional service)
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Starter Package

For the new or budding entrepreneur who feels stuck and unsure of the direction to take to advance their business.

Take a deeper dive into your business operations and devise a powerful action plan to execute short term goals to grow your customer base.

  • Two 45-minute business consultancy sessions
  • Business Plan Setup: overview and assessment of business plan and/or draft template for a new business plan
  • Create a strong Mission Statement
  • Devise a three-month strategic plan to follow for growth
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For the entrepreneur or business who needs to strengthen their brand awareness to establish their credibility and authority to grow their leads and customer base (targeting and branding).

  • One preliminary call + two coaching sessions + 1 training session
  • Establish brand positioning: brand identity, brand messaging, target audience, USP
  • Business/company email setup
  • Landing Page creation 
  • Email Marketing Setup - create an email marketing account and one welcome email for new leads and subscribers
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For the entrepreneur or business who is ready for increased growth and revenue.

  • Includes everything from the Leah Package, plus...
  • One preliminary call + three coaching sessions + one training session
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business Model Planning
  • 12-month Strategic Plan
  • Automation and processes setup
  • Create an irresistible lead magnet
  • Email marketing funnel
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What clients are saying...

Carica has helped change my mindset to become a more effective businesswoman. She taught me how to target my population, which I struggled with, to grow my business

C. Williams, Do This For You. Empower Yourself

“Carica helped me get to the core and overcome hidden and visible issues I was dealing with. She is effective and compassionate and is a must for every aspiring entrepreneur. ”

D. Caldwell, Lead Out Ladies

"I can't recommend Carica enough. Her customer service is outstanding. She is professional, knowledgeable and helpful, especially for budding entrepreneurs. You won't be disappointed.”

Tereeq, Dear Pain Apparel

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