I Help People of Faith Grow a THRIVING Business Online!

Faith-Based Coaching and Business Consulting for Christian Entrepreneurs to Turn Their Passion into Profit.


It's About Faith And Business Up In Here!

Are you READY to advance the business you know you are divinely called and equipped to do? Answer this...

  • Are you frustrated trying to figure out how to advance your business to the next level?
  •  Are you confident God has given you a business to prosper, but you feel stuck?
  • Is YouTube and Google DIYing it your go to method to learn?
  • Do you struggle with the online marketing strategies and techniques to grow your leads?

If you answered Yes to any one of these questions...

You're In The Right Place At The Right Time...

to partner with a small business expert, to help advance your business through coaching, strong marketing and branding techniques, and strategies to grow your customer base and revenue.


Business Goal Planner for Christianpreneurs

Looking for a way to get more organized and productive to grow your business? Download the free Business Goal Planner for Christian Entrepreneurs!


Hey, I'm Carica, CEO of The Christian Entrepreneur Coach™.

We help people of faith thrive and prosper in entrepreneurship!

The Christian Entrepreneur Coach™ provides professional services for faith-driven entrepreneurs to advance their business through business coaching, branding, and marketing.

Our main goal is to position people of faith and Christ-centered businesses to profit and prosper so they can live abundantly.

As a single mother, raised by a single mother, I do have a special place in my heart to empower my sisters to overcome fear and walk in purpose to fulfill their call to entrepreneurship.

Imagine, if you can leave the 9-5 grind behind or take your already operating business from under-performing to becoming a high-performing, high-generating business that attracts qualified leads, who are ready to buy from you, on the regular.

You can turn clicks into customers by transforming your passion into purpose that produces profits for you to live - say that five times, lol!

God gave you a business to prosper and to bless others.

It is your time to thrive!

I am more than qualified and READY to help you advance the business you KNOW you are called to do.

"There is no doubt Carica has what it takes to take you to the next level with her coaching skills."

- Betty (ChiChester, PA)

"Carica Williams is heaven sent I wish we would've been doing this I would been far along gone by now. Thank you so much." 

- Christie (Mississippi)

Ready To Grow Your Business and THRIVE?